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Online or remote counselling/therapy can be just as effective as face to face counselling. It gives flexibility and choice when it comes to choosing the environment you will be in when receiving counselling. 

Remote counselling I offer:

Online/video counselling - I use secure online platforms (Zoom and VSee) for video conferencing. This will allow us to see and hear each other similar to a face to face environment. A good Internet connection is needed for this type of sessions (good enough to stream a movie).

Telephone counselling - You only need your charged phone for this and a quiet place to have the sessions. We will be able to hear each other but there will be no visual cues. 

Email counselling - This is a weekly email exchange where you put your thoughts, feeling, concerns in an email and I respond to you within 48 hours. I use a secure email account - ProtonMail to ensure your confidentiality. 

I have received additional training to work Feel free to contact me if you need further information on the above services I offer.

Here you can read more about online counselling.

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